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Packaging is evolving to the point of becoming a strategic element that helps to maximize the protection, hygiene and safety of products, both in aspects related to traceability and in relation to the development of logistics processes, always from a sustainable and responsible perspective with the environment.

Ecological packaging. The development and use of sustainable raw materials (recycled, biodegradable, etc.) has increased the demand for green packaging and packaging solutions.

Lifecycle.There are different types of packaging solutions that should be considered and adapted to each project and product depending on their requirements. The important thing will be to consider the post-production processes, the carbon footprint left by said process, its life cycle and its post-consumption. It will always be necessary to take into account being able to design or choose a product that includes the greatest number of benefits in terms of contribution to a circular economy; looking for them to have a second life and reusing them.

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  • Sustainable production processes are the future.

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